Cardano Multi-Delegation Portfolios

Further the decentralization of Cardano by spreading out your delegation to multiple stake pools.


We are very excited to share our latest project with the Cardano community! adafolio is currently in beta testing. Cardano multi-delegation (delegating to multiple pools from a single wallet) has not yet been released, nor has IOG defined the format of portfolio files. We are launching the site early so that the community can prepare for multi-delegation by creating and sharing their own portfolios. We will feature our favorite community-created portfolios on this page.

We would love to hear your comments and suggestions for the site! Please let us know what you think on Telegram and/or Twitter.

Note: We currently only support Google login, but we will add more options in the near future. If you want to remain anonymous when creating portfolios, we suggest you make a throwaway Gmail account.